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“The encouraging news that I’m excited to share with you in this book is that vibrant and enlivening health are well within reach for most people. Good food is medicine. Weaving the nutritional, environmental and lifestyle pillars in this book into your life can help create substantial healing for your body and get you back into the shape in which you can thrive. This will inevitably lead to a more fulfilling and energetic life. And, I believe, it’s one of the ultimate acts of self-love.”
From Nourish Your Self Whole

Hi, my name is Matthew Albracht, and some of my greatest passions in life are working for social change, and cultivating nutritional, body, mind & spirit wellness. How we treat our own selves, our communities and our planet are all intricately interconnected.

On my site you’ll find many valuable resources on all these topics – and you’ll find even more on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I’m constantly on the lookout for useful and informative information about being alive and thriving on this planet, at every level of life, and look forward to sharing what I’m learning with you!

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